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The form on this page will send the message directly to my email. Feel free to reach out about creative projects, collaborations, writing opportunities, speaking opportunities, advice, or just to say hi! 

Freelance and Commission Information

For commercial projects, I can do logo design, graphic design, illustration, and UX consultation. Currently, I am not taking on long-term website design projects. My rate is $50/hr. 

For personal use artwork, i.e. "commissions," my rates can range from $40 for a pencil sketch to $200 for full color. Commission rates can depend on multiple factors such as time, number of characters, complexity of image, colors, and format.

Writing and Speaking Information

I can write and speak on topics like career change, job searching, job interviewing, balancing career & creative projects, or any other subjects from my About Me page for any blog, publication, or event.


If you need advice on drawing, please check out my short video on the top mistake I see artists do in drawing. Need help with character design? Here's the formula we created while working on Kamikaze. I also did a panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta on how to sell artwork at conventions back in 2011.

If you need advice on job hunting and interviewing, here is my 4-part series on how I got my UX job

And if you still have specific questions or need advice on anything else, I'd be happy to try to help. 

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