Hi! I'm Havana


I am Havana Nguyen, a user experience designer and illustrator who loves adventure, creating content, and spreading joy! I've been drawing since I was 3, making websites since I was 12, and I graduated with a BA in International Affairs-- UX design is the perfect union of my love for design, tech, and human behavior. Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to say hi!


Other places you can find me online: 

Havanachan, the Youtube Channel 

My Youtube Channel features videos on professional development, lifestyle, art, and adventures! Check out my adventures in India and Italy or check out my unique tips on preparing for job interviews

My Articles on Medium

My articles (to my utter surprise) have placed me in the top 20 list on Medium twice. I've contributed to Athena Talks, UX Planet, and UX Design Collective. Check out my articles here



I am the Lead Character Designer for the 2015 Glyph Award Winner for Best Webcomic, Kamikaze! It's a dustbowl cyberpunk story set two centuries after a plague wipes out almost all plant life on earth. We've had two successful Kickstarters, two published books, and over a million pageviews. You can check out our NPR interview here or jump into the story here.

I Share Too Much: True Stories

This is a series of memoir comics from my life. After two years of thinking about publishing this, I went ahead and did it! You can learn about how I went from a shy, socially anxious girl to a social butterfly


The Bluth Society: A Don Bluth Podcast

I am a co-host on The Bluth Society with fellow animation geeks/artists Dee Seabrook and Carrie Tupper. This is a series covering 10 signature films of animator, producer, and director Don Bluth such as All Dogs Go to Heaven, An American Tail, and Anastasia. We discuss nostalgia, animation history, and get into deep conversation about story and culture with every review.