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Telecommunications Site for SMB Clients

I went to the AT&T Small Business website and broke down the major call-to-actions: shop bundles, buy internet service, and learning about special offers.

To handle prioritization, I took a mobile-first approach to force prioritization. This is an exercise I borrowed from Sophia Voychehovsky. It seemed like bundles were the main focus as it's the first item listed on the site AND the first to pop up on the current AT&T mobile site. 

I also visited similar websites that offered a wide array of products to businesses, i.e. Salesforce, Deluxe, and Google Fiber. One observation was that they had a VERY clear, singular focus on one call-to-action so I put the bundles up front-and-center. Next would be links to the a-la-carte products in case the user isn't interested in bundles. Lastly, I included the carousel of Special Offer banners to make an effort to entice purchases.  

As Google Fiber is popping up as a competitor, I chose to go for a very clean, modern aesthetic for the AT&T Small Business site. 

Webpage mockup done via Photoshop

Webpage mockup done via Photoshop

Havana Nguyen