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Creatives: Artists, Illustrators, and Designers

Wayman Humphrey - Illustrator, Storyboard Artist - Wayman has saved one of my clients before on an urgent storyboarding and corporate illustration project with a Fortune 50 company. His bold, crisp, and detail-oriented linework is a treat to admire. See his work.


Dan Flores - Digital Artist, Muralist, Events Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Event Media Producer - Need to set up a big corporate event with a creative edge? Dan is your man! He has hosted events for Sharpie and Microsoft and has attracted multiple sponsorships. See his work


Marisa "Ginger" Tontaveetong - Creative Direction, Animator, Producer - Ginger is an award-winning animation director who helps organizes/staff the animation conferences ASIFA-South and SIGGRAPH. Need a short or commercial to be animation? Reach out to Ginger. See her work. 


Alyssa Lewis - Animator, Recruiter - In a previous life, Alyssa worked as an animator for the award-winning series "Archer" (yep, that Archer) and now she runs an animation staffing agency full-time! If you need animation done, Alyssa's got people lined up for ya! See her site.


Mary Huber - Illustrator - When I don't take on freelance work, I feel bad for turning down projects because I know people seek out my style ... luckily, Mary's style is quite similar! She's upbeat, bubbly, and super creative! Bonus? She does incredible interior background work too! See her work.


Jamel Jones - Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Concept Art, Comic Artist - Jamel did the artwork for two of the spin-off comics from my series, Kamikaze! His detailed ink work can be spotted from afar and he is a sequential artist by trade. If you need storyboards, comics, or concept art, hit up Jamel! Also, he is just a likeable, cool dude. See his work. 


Emmett Helen - Comic Artist, Illustrator - Emmett is a prolific, driven artist with a very unique style. Their work is distinguished by lightly grunge textures and a very deliberately  "hand-drawn" style. They also do great merchandise work, including stickers, pins, worksheets, etc. And I gotta brag: they also did variant cover art for a couple of the official Rick and Morty comics! See their work.


Amber Chen - Artist - Fantasy art is no foreign territory for Amber Chen. Amber's wide range of style makes her very flexible: whereas it's anime-styled art or more realistic work, she can do it!  See her work.



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