Stuff I'm Reading - Feb 22

Letter from a Psychopath

As someone who is sensitive and empathetic, I often find myself at the crux of fascination and envy at the detachment of sociopathy. This surprisingly heartfelt letter from someone who has been diagnosed as a sociopath sheds light on that experience. My favorite snippet:

Well, lets look at what (bright) psychopaths are naturally quite exceptional at... We are good at identifying, very rapidly, extreme traits of those around us which allows us to discern vulnerabilities, frailties, and mental conditions. It also makes psychopaths supreme manipulators, for they can mimick human emotions they do not feel, play on these emotions and extract concessions. 

But what are these traits really? - Stripped of its pejorative adjectives and mean application, it is a highly trained perception, ability to adapt, and a lack of judgment borne of pragmatic and flexible moral reasoning. 

What I'm saying here is that although those traits can very easily (even instinctively) lead to dangerous levels of manipulation, they do not have to. 

How to Be Relentlessly Resourceful

Jason Shen breaks down how to take action and move forward. 

Robert Greene's TEDTalk: "The Key to Transforming Yourself"

The writer of "The 48 Laws of Power" and "Mastery" talks about how he made his breakthrough and became a NYT Bestselling author.

Sequoia Capital: Getting to No -- The Key to Startup Selling

The key to making it work is being persistent. And when I say be persistent, I mean really persistent, even to the point where it’s awkward and uncomfortable. In fact, it can be so cringe-inducing that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone if it didn’t work.