What is Kamikaze? 

Kamikaze is a story set in a world 200 years after a plague wipes out virtually all of the plant life on Earth. Corporations have devolved into feudal houses, hoarding the last patches of cropland. The city of Trinity has been divided by a gigantic ring: inside the wall is Inner Trinity, outside lies Outer Trinity and the Outlands.

Markesha is a 19 year old who has survived Outer Trinity by keeping her head down and minding her own business. A talented freerunner, she uses her talents as a courier to support herself and her blind father, with aspirations to one day leave Trinity in search of a better life. In a twist of events, she is cornered into a dangerous game of espionage as the covert agent Kamikaze, tangled in political sabotage and gang warfare. Read the comic here ....

My Role

As Lead Character Artist, I helped develop the designs for the cast, the visual aesthetic, and also the cleanup pencil work on the webcomic. Alan Tupper does the stunning background art and Carrie Tupper polishes my art with ink and paint in the pieces below. Read more about the creators here.


The Kickstarter video for Kamikaze Vol 1